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Many organisations find running their staff canteen to be an arduous and time consuming chore. If you aren't in the business of food service it can be complicated to work out exactly what to serve each day to offer tasty but healthy meals while sticking to a budget. Often it's just as easy and cost effective to outsource the running of a canteen to a food services company that specialises in these sorts of tasks. This blog discusses some of the pros and cons of running your staff canteen in-house compared to outsourcing the operations to a specialist company. I hope it's useful other business owners and adminstrators.




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Managing a staff canteen

5 Reasons Why Sushi Makes Fantastic Finger Food

by Annie Howard

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to finger food. However, one choice that people rarely consider is sushi. That's pretty surprising considering just how well-suited sushi is to the role. Here are just five reasons why it makes great finger food.

1.Sushi is Designed to Be Eaten in One Bite

Most finger food is essentially a compact version of a larger dish. However, sushi is actually designed to be eaten in a single bite. You're not supposed to pick up a piece, take a bite, and then put it back on your plate; instead, the flavours and design are created around the idea of eating in one mouthful. This obviously makes sushi ideal as a finger food; people can quickly grab a piece without disrupting the flow of conversation or keeping a piece in their hand.

2. Sushi Looks Great on a Plate

As food goes, sushi is pretty stylish. All sushi dishes use rice, with the rice compacted into symmetrical shapes. This in itself makes sushi look fantastic, but the added ingredients bring vibrant colour. Set against the white background of the rice, this makes sushi look great. Any guests will want to dive right in. Remember, the first bite is with the eye.

3. Sushi Strikes a Sophisticated Air

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, sushi is a food that feels very upscale. If your finger food is going to be served at an event where people expect even the snacks to have a premium feel, sushi is an ideal way to go.

4. Sushi Provides a Range of Flavours

You don't want your finger foods to all have the same kind of taste. At the same time, you still want to keep to a consistent theme. This isn't a problem when you serve sushi. Even dishes that look relatively similar can vary greatly in terms of flavour, so you can address a whole host of taste buds while still keeping your finger food set around a common theme.

5. Sushi is Healthy

One of the biggest problems people have with finger foods is that they tend to be relatively high in calories. It's very easy to eat a whole bunch of them without stopping to think about how fattening they are, so many people will avoid eating them altogether. Luckily enough, you can sidestep this problem by serving sushi. As you probably know, sushi dishes are usually very low in fat but very high in protein, making them perfect if you're on the lookout for healthy finger food.