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Managing a staff canteen

Many organisations find running their staff canteen to be an arduous and time consuming chore. If you aren't in the business of food service it can be complicated to work out exactly what to serve each day to offer tasty but healthy meals while sticking to a budget. Often it's just as easy and cost effective to outsource the running of a canteen to a food services company that specialises in these sorts of tasks. This blog discusses some of the pros and cons of running your staff canteen in-house compared to outsourcing the operations to a specialist company. I hope it's useful other business owners and adminstrators.




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Managing a staff canteen

Tips on How to Make Excellent Mini Aussie Burgers as Part of Your Finger Foods

by Annie Howard

Mini Aussie burgers are a regular part of finger food recipes in the country. Wholesome Aussie burgers can be the difference between a just okay finger food menu and a party. To make the perfect mini Aussie burgers, think about following these instructions.

Start with the right meat

Lamb is one of the most popular meat types to use for mini burgers. The ideal lamb is grass fed and does not contain any artificial additives. Aim to get lamb that has an 80 to 20 ratio of lean meat to fat. When the lamb has been ground, you can add your special mix of spices or other special ingredients which improve the taste of the burger. Make sure that you toss the ingredients together as opposed to aggressive mixing.

The patty making technique

When making the patties, ensure that they are as wide as the bun you will use, and also that they have an inch thickness or less. Start by molding the ground meat into a ball, and then press it down into a disk. Create a divot in the middle of the patty if you want to have an easy time adding the toppings. A pro tip which will help you get the perfect consistency on your patties is chilling them in the fridge for about an hour before you start grilling them.

The grilling technique

The first and most important tip here is to preheat the grill into a medium over direct heat. When the grill is warmed up, add canola oil and wait until it starts to smoke. Put the burgers on the rack and allow them to roast without interruptions. Season them again with salt and pepper. If you want the burger to be juicy, do not press the patties down when they are grilling. You only flip the burger to the other side when you can remove it from the grill without the meat sticking.

When the grilling is finished, put the burgers on the cooler side of the grill and use cheese to top. Wait until the cheese has melted before you place the burgers on the buns. Add vegetables and other toppings on the burger as needed and wait for everything to cool before serving. Ensure that you buy fresh mini burger burns as they will affect the taste of the entire burger. 

You can also reach out to a place that offers finger food catering and let them help out.