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Managing a staff canteen

Many organisations find running their staff canteen to be an arduous and time consuming chore. If you aren't in the business of food service it can be complicated to work out exactly what to serve each day to offer tasty but healthy meals while sticking to a budget. Often it's just as easy and cost effective to outsource the running of a canteen to a food services company that specialises in these sorts of tasks. This blog discusses some of the pros and cons of running your staff canteen in-house compared to outsourcing the operations to a specialist company. I hope it's useful other business owners and adminstrators.




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Managing a staff canteen

Three Delicious Informal Wedding Food Ideas

by Annie Howard

Are you more about having fun than throwing the perfect white wedding? Putting together an informal wedding is perfect for many couples, and guests will often enjoy themselves way more than they would at a traditional ceremony. Food is a huge part of any wedding day, and going for a casual style opens up so many delicious possibilities. Check out the suggestions below, and your mouth will soon be watering.

Mexican Street Food

Mexican street food is fun, tasty and easy to personalise. Hire a street food van or ask your caterers to emulate the street food style, and make sure you have tons of options available. Provide nachos, burritos or tacos as a base, offer chilli, beans or mixed vegetables as a filling, and then provide plenty of salsa and guacamole. Offer varying levels of heat, with mild options for any guests who aren't keen on spice. Everyone will be able to design a delicious meal that's perfectly suited to them — and you bet they'll be going back for seconds.

Wood Fired Pizza Party

Who doesn't love pizza? Setting up a wood-fired pizza stand is perfect for outdoor weddings on warm summer days. Let guests choose their own toppings, and be sure that your chosen provider offers gluten and dairy-free options so that everyone can get involved. Set up picnic benches, roll out blankets or just enjoy your pizzas while sitting on the grass together. If you want to go all out, choose a caterer who also offers dessert pizzas. These can be topped with everything from chocolate spread to strawberries, marshmallows to rainbow sprinkles, and they'll go down great with younger guests.

Celebration Barbecue

Do you want your wedding day to feel like a big party with all your friends? There's no better way to capture the community spirit than with a celebration barbecue. Hire a catering company to make sure everything can be cooked in time, and provide plenty of different options. Traditional burgers and sausages always go down well, but veggie kebabs, falafel burgers and grilled tofu are all great if you're not keen on meat. For dessert, how about chocolate bananas and s'mores? Barbecues are also very affordable, making them ideal for larger wedding parties.

No matter what type of wedding catering you're looking for, work with catering companies to personalise the menu and food options to make sure your guests are well fed and leave happy.