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Managing a staff canteen

Many organisations find running their staff canteen to be an arduous and time consuming chore. If you aren't in the business of food service it can be complicated to work out exactly what to serve each day to offer tasty but healthy meals while sticking to a budget. Often it's just as easy and cost effective to outsource the running of a canteen to a food services company that specialises in these sorts of tasks. This blog discusses some of the pros and cons of running your staff canteen in-house compared to outsourcing the operations to a specialist company. I hope it's useful other business owners and adminstrators.




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Managing a staff canteen


Tips on How to Make Excellent Mini Aussie Burgers as Part of Your Finger Foods

Mini Aussie burgers are a regular part of finger food recipes in the country. Wholesome Aussie burgers can be the difference between a just okay finger food menu and a party. To make the perfect mini Aussie burgers, think about following these instructions. Start with the right meat Lamb is one of the most popular meat types to use for mini burgers. The ideal lamb is grass fed and does not contain any artificial additives.